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Cobra FMA is a freestyle martial art that combines Karate, Kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu into a unique style of self-defence.

These three Martial Arts will give you the skills you need to help defend yourself if confronted by a violent

situation*. It will also help keep you fit and supple, as 

                                                     well as being a good social outlet where you can meet 

                                                     and train with different people.

*It should be noted that nothing is guaranteed against a violent 

attacker, and although we can give you techniques that can help...

awareness, avoidance and escape are always the best option*


Each grade is made up of the following three Martial Arts:

1) Karate - This will give you the speed, focus and balance required.

2) Kickboxing - This will give you the power and accuracy needed to deliver

    effective strikes using kicks, punches, elbows and knees.

3) Ju-Jitsu - This will teach you locking and restraint techniques, using our 21 arm lock            and 18 leg lock Bunkai.

As well as grab escapes, floor and weapon defences, throws and take-downs, you will learn self defence against a wide range of attacks.


Coloured belt (kyu) gradings are carried out during lessons using the progressive grading system.
for more information on PGS please click the following link:

Black belt gradings are held every March and October in front of the CMAA black belt grading panel.