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Cobra Hyde's Club Community

At Cobra Hyde we are very proud to think of ourselves as a community of friends, with a one family ethos. Below you will see some of the things that contribute to our club community and how we try to uphold this unique ethic.

First Aid for Mental Health

Cobra Hyde is dedicated to being more than just a martial Arts club. We aim to provide a safe, open and inspiring space and environment for all, children and adults alike. 

To aid with this ethos some of our coaching team attended a 'First Aid for Mental health Awareness' course. 

By doing this, we are able to help provide more support to any of our members who may need it and point them towards resources that may be able to help them should they need.

                                                  If any club member needs to talk, we are here and                                                    ready to listen and help in any way we can.

(Above: Dan, Keira and Charlie attend First Aid for Mental Health Awareness course with instruct UK.)

Summer and Christmas Picture Competition

At Cobra Hyde we host an annual summer picture competition. This is to encourage everyone involved with the club to keep motivated over the summer holiday period. We also host the same competition at Christmas time.

Getting involved is really easy. Simply take a picture of something related to the club or martial arts over the summer holidays or over the Christmas period and send it to the clubs Head Instructor. He will then publish each picture on his Facebook page. An independent person will then choose the winning picture at the end of the holidays. 

The winner and runner up will both receive a personalised engraved medal. With a maximum of three entries per person there is plenty of opportunities to enter the picture you want.

The summer competition opens at the start of the summer holidays and closes at ten pm on the final Sunday before schools go back. At Christmas entries can be submitted from the 1st December with the closing date at midnight on New Years Eve.

We encourage club members, parents, private students, Children and Adults to all take part. We find this a fantastic way of keeping everyone motivated over periods of the year that can be very disruptive for consistent training. It’s also great fun and the more people that take part the better. Parents are encouraged to enter pictures of themselves too, so as to keep the clubs ‘one family ethic’ strong and at the forefront of everything we do.

Entries can range anything from a picture of you practicing in the garden, to wearing club clothing abroad or out shopping, or simply reading a martial arts book at home or putting up Christmas decorations. The possibilities are endless, so please be inventive and original. Each year the winning picture will then be put on the clubs website where it will remain as a permanent fixture with details of the winning person accompanying it. 

Summer and christmas picture competition winners:

>>> 2018 <<<

2018 Summer Winner: Brook Whyatt.

Location of Picture: Kos, Greece.

Date Taken: 16 August 2018.

2018 Christmas Winner: Charlie and Mia Faulkner.

Location of Picture: During the clubs Christmas Party.

Date Taken: 14th December 2018

>>> 2019 <<<

2019 Summer Winner: Zahra and Amaya Bradley.

Location of Picture: Chester Zoo.

Date Taken: 3rd August 2019.

2019 Summer Runner up: Mia Faulkner.

Location of Picture: Torquay.

Date Taken: 27th July 2019.

2019 Christmas Winner: Group photo of everyone who attended this years Christmas party.

Location of Picture: At the club.

Date Taken: 13th December 2019.

>>> 2020 <<<

2020 Summer Winner: Cobra Hyde coaching team meeting.

Location of Picture: The Garden.

Date Taken: 17th July 2020.

2020 Summer Runner up: Wishes to remain anonymous. 

Location of Picture: At the club.

Date Taken: 14th August 2020.

2020 Christmas Winner: The club Christmas tree as decorated by our younger students.

Location of Picture: At The Club.

Date Taken: 18th December 2020.

Other Events and Seasonal Activities

- At Cobra Hyde we also hold a Christmas party every year. There is a buffet with hot and cold food, soft drinks and snacks. We also play a wide range of games for the children and a couple for the adults as well as holding two raffles. One for juniors and one for adults, with three different prizes available for each age group.

- Twice a year we try to integrate the club into the wider community. Over Christmas and Easter we try to collect and make as many food parcels as possible for our local foodbank to help those in need. 

- During Halloween week, we have a fancy dress lesson and sweets will be offered to anyone who attends dressed up.

- At Easter time, we have chocolates offered to anyone who attends on good Friday and we play a few games at the end of the juniors lesson.

- We also try to hold fundraising events to include everyone from the club. Bag packing has proved very popular, as have our raffle events and quiz nights. All money made goes directly back into the club for new equipment as and when it is needed.

- During the summer time we also have a 'get together' for a drink and chat at a local establishment. This gives anyone who attends a chance to get to know other members of the club, with parents and students meeting each other away from the lesson format. 


During The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020/2021

Platinum Certificate

Gold Certificate

Silver Certificate

Bronze Certificate

During the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic, Cobra Hyde introduced measures to help keep students and their families motivated, active and healthy throughout.

We ecouraged ALL students to continue working hard at their Martial Arts during the 'lockdown' periods, until we could safely re-open the club. With this in mind, we introduced the above four awards. 

These were awarded at the discretion of the clubs head instructor. When a student trained at home, they sent evidence to the head instructor, who awarded the appropriate (if any) certificate the student had earned. This did not however, just have to be for training in Martial Arts. For example, a student earned an award for helping teach a family member with their training and one by helping out in the wider community. However, as with all certificates at Cobra Hyde, these were not handed out lightly, so well done to all those who earned one of the awards above!   

We also asked that anyone who knew someone who deserved an award, to also please get in touch. Again the list of ways to earn these certificates was endless and their was no limit to the amount a single student can earn, up to and including the Gold Award, for example, a student could earn five of each certificate if it is warranted. 

All certificates were emailed directly to the student once earned, so they could print them off, fill them in at home and then add them to their portfolio's or put them out proudly on display.

However, to earn a Platinum Certificate, a student must have gone above and beyond. Any Platinum certificates awarded were sent with the students name and the date of the award pre loaded on to the certificate template. Different to the other three awards though, students could ONLY earn ONE platinum certificate, so they must be exceptional circumstances to achieve one.

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We also set up an online 'Home training' page on Facebook and Instagram. Each week, the clubs head instructor added new material for everyone to try at home. Sessions included:

- Warming up and stretching.

- Standard Techniques from all syllabus'.

- Techniques adapted and made suitable to be safer to practice at home.

- An introduction to the Cobra Self-Defence 'Bully aware' workshop.

- An introduction to the Cobra Self-Defence 'Self-protection' workshop.

- An introduction to 'Public Self-Defence for adults.

- An introduction to 'Public Self-Defence for Children.

- General fitness exercises.

- Various Martial Arts techniques and combinations to keep students focused on their grades.